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Chakra Balancing Energy Therapy

Chakras are a series of focal points vertically aligned throughout the body, and often used in meditative practices. Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across your chakra system. When balanced, you can feel more relaxed, centered, grounded, energized & aware.


The value of balance within body & mind can never be over emphasized.

Therapist: Zandy Van Duren

Image by Sharon Pittaway

We are born into a world of color, but yet few of us realize how we are affected by color and the impact it can have on us...even what we wear.


Our uniqueness - predominately our hair color, skin color and eye color, determine the colors that we should be surrounding ourselves with. By harnessing this power, you learn to enhance your appearance based on your unique color and style, while being true to who you are...{read more}

Specialist: Annette Byman

House of Colour

House of Colour Photo.JPG

Partnership in Healing

The Favreau's have developed a unique form of energy work called Partnership-In-Healing. It is a unique healing modality that partners hands-off energy work with spiritual information. The energy & information that clients are introduced to is theirs to call on if, and when, they wish. 

You may sink into a meditative state during your session, and/or you may experience sensations in & around you. The purpose is to use...{read more

Practitioners: Leon & Suzie Favreau

partnership in healing colorful man hear


Angel statue

In this challenging time in the world, it is beneficial to have a source to help confirm and help guide us to where we intuitively know we want to go.


The approach is to help people go from where they are in life to where they want to be. The balance of Mind, Body & Spirit healing is so important to the complete health of individuals. This service may help you connect with your loved ones, spirit guides, angels and/or...{read more}

Therapist: Zandy VanDuren

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