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AlgaeCal {Bone Health}

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*Clinically Supported to:

Stop Bone Loss & Increase Bone Density

Bone Density Test Recommended Prior To Beginning Supplements

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Mother Nature's Answer To Bone Loss
Our marine algae supplement contains a bounty of nutrients similar to that of young, healthy bone. So you get peace of mind that you're building bone the natural way. We guarantee it.

Bone Loss Isn't Inevitable
Declining bone health doesn't have to be an inevitable part of getting older. Clinical studies show the nutrients in AlgaeCal can protect you from age-related bone loss. So there's no reason you can't be strong well into your 90s.

Read AlgaeCal's Clinical Studies


AlgaeCal Plus

People lose 1% percent of bone density every year after
age 40. You don’t have to be one of them. AlgaeCal Plus can
increase bone density.
Starting at $79

Increase Bone Density


Strontium Boost

Combine with AlgaeCal Plus to triple your bone density increases. Strontium is the only material on earth— natural or otherwise— shown to stimulate bone-building cells while slowing down overactive bone-resorbing cells.

~ Starting at $34

Triple Your Bone Density Increases


Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil

Now there’s a better (and delicious) way to get your omega 3s. Triple Power also has two antioxidants (curcumin and astaxanthin) that support healthy aging and keep the oil fresh. Triple Power is so delicious that you’ll want to sneak an extra dose!

~ Starting at $55

So Tasty You'll Crave It

Omega Test Kit Front.PNG

Omega 3 Blood Test Kit

With the handy OmegaQuant Kit, there's no need to go to a lab for tests! You can sit in your favorite chair instead. Mail your blood sample off, and get full results within 5 business days of the lab receiving your sample.

~ Starting at $50

Test Your Omega 3 Levels In The Comfort Of Your Home

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Bone Density Pack

Only AlgaeCal is clinically supported to increase bone density outright. And only AlgaeCal Plus with Strontium Boost will increase bone density in 6 months — or your money back.

~ Starting at $109

Increase Bone Density in 6 months. GUARANTEED!

*For money back guarantee, please get initial bone density test prior to starting AlgaeCal supplement plan.  Reimbursement can occur if there is bone loss after 6 months of supplements and a bone density retest.

What Others Are Saying!

"I wanted a natural alternative to restoring my bone density."

~ Laura F.

"One year of AlgaeCal has changed my life."

~ Cherie M.

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