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Our Healing Services

Picture this. It’s 1988... It’s the last day of the annual Sanibel Yoga retreat, hosted by Bobbi Goldin and Sam Dworkis. Kandy Love is looking out over the Gulf of Mexico and, overcome with emotion over her retreat experience and the stellar sunrise, she stands and shouts, “I want to feel like this all the time!” The seeds of Health & Harmony were planted. Kandy quit her Miami newspaper editor job, moved to Lee County and began seriously studying both Iyengar yoga and massage therapy.

By late 1990, after a 3-week yoga retreat in Greece and a week at the Iyengar Yoga Convention in San Diego with B.K.S. Iyengar, Kandy began searching for a home for both a yoga studio and her massage therapy practice.

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The historic Iona Schoolhouse, empty and owned by the bank, turned out to be the perfect location. With more heart and intention than business expertise, Kandy began with only two rooms – one for yoga and one for her massage practice. She didn’t realize she was beginning what would become an icon in the Lee County community. Within a short time more massage therapists came on board.  Highly trained and dedicated yoginis wanted to be a part of it all. Rooms were added. A healing center was in the making. In 2005, Health & Harmony took over the entire schoolhouse and began offering a range of holistic programs. A healing center had emerged.


Enter Suzanne Blaney

As Health & Harmony continued to expand and evolve, the demand for a children’s yoga program grew stronger. Suzanne Blaney, a Health & Harmony student of 2 years, had a passion for both children and yoga. She went for her first children’s yoga teacher training through the Radiant Child Yoga program, and the Center’s children’s yoga program became a reality.

Suzanne grew the program from weekly classes, to special needs private sessions, to family birthday parties! Suzanne’s role at the Center also took on additional responsibilities as she became more involved and invaluable in the day to day activities. Utilizing all her past education and training, she assisted Kandy in running the business.

Her dedication and respect for the Center’s legacy led her to purchase Health & Harmony from Kandy. The tradition of excellence and quality established in 1990 continued. After three years, the birth of her third child and a desire to move to

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Enter Cindy Carfore

So Cindy Carfore, a Quantum Energetics practitioner and Founder of AHA! A Holistic Approach Center, purchased Health & Harmony in December of 2014 with plans to merge with AHA!

Cindy’s ultimate dream is to begin a foundation providing complementary medical care to cancer patients. AHA! was the first step in making that dream come true. Time will tell, but chances are good Health and Harmony is the next. Learn more about Cindy Carfore

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Cindy Carfore is the Founder and Director of AHA! A Holistic Approach Center. The journey that led to AHA! began in 1977 when she graduated from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. Working in hospital labs in both Michigan and California, she quickly realized her interest in medicine and the body would lead her down a different path.


That path meandered for a time, but life took a turn when Cindy developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1985. While suffering from this for years without noted improvement, her mother, Luella Carfore, became ill with cancer. Cindy became her care taker for two years before Luella died in 1998.


It was not until December of 2000, while visiting her step-daughter, Nicole, in Colorado that she discovered Quantum Energetics. Returning to Colorado every six weeks for eighteen months, she found this profound energy therapy to be life-changing. After sixteen years, her Chronic Fatigue at last began improving. Deeply impressed, she felt compelled to learn this powerful modality and to become a QE practitoner.


The experience of being healed by QE and of caring for Luella created a desire to begin a foundation that would provide complementary medical care to those suffering with cancer. AHA! is the first step to making that dream come true.


With degrees in Naturopathy, Cindy is thrilled to be able to bring together a variety of complementary options for health and wellness under one roof. AHA! It's only the beginning!

St. Thomas, Suzanne knew it was time for her journey to take a turn. It was time to find that perfect someone who could focus attention on continuing the Center’s legacy and take to the next level. After years of working with Cindy Carfore and experiencing her passion for healing, Suzanne knew Cindy Carfore was a perfect fit.

From Suzanne…

“For the past eight years, Health & Harmony has been a passion and a love.  The staff, clients, and students will always be my family and share a piece of my heart. My only “job” was to ensure the future of Health & Harmony would continue with the quality and integrity that was intended 25 years ago.  I am honored and grateful for the opportunity Kandy Love has entrusted me with and I am excited for the amazing possibilities Cindy Carfore holds in the future of the Center.”


As of February 1, 2015...

Health & Harmony and AHA! have together moved three doors down, still in the historic Iona Schoolhouse Professional Complex.


There has always been something about Health and Harmony that speaks to people, that touches them and draws them in. Countless men and women have stories to tell of their experiences here. The gratitude and love from people and to these people are the threads weaving Health and Harmony into the community all these years. More changes are certain to come but the soul of Health & Harmony? That’s a constant.


As Kandy said when Suzanne became director, “It's just another beginning for more laughter, expansion, and healing!”

A Healing Approach

15971 McGregor Blvd, Ft Myers, FL 33908

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